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School Software Company .com combines expertise in ICT with experience in education to produce software applications that improve the quality and availability of information in schools.

We have a proven track record of working in partnership with schools all over the UK to improve their management of behaviour. We are justifiably proud of our reputation as a company who understand the needs of staff and deliver a high quality of service and product.

The design of all our products is led by professionals from the field of education, ensuring that the needs and concerns of teachers and staff using our systems are met. All our software development staff have extensive experience of building software applications in both commerical and educational environments.

Knowledge & Experience
"The School Software Company provide excellent support and advice with first-hand knowledge of educational institutions and behavioural issues"
Head of Year - Bridgend Secondary

Our flagship product Sleuth - the behaviour tracking system was the first dedicated system specifically for tracking behaviour in schools. It is widely recognised as contributing to significant improvements in behaviour management in UK schools. The recent online release of Sleuth has been extremely well-received and is revolutionising the way hundreds of schools manage behaviour.

Our aim is to always to make products that are practical, cost effective and time efficient. By understanding the demands on education, we design solutions that are intuitive and easy to use, minimising training time, training costs and the need for expensive annual maintenance agreements.

All of our systems are fully supported - we provide staff INSET training, product training and IT systems support to ensure schools get the maximum benefit from using our products. Our educational specialists are able to offer advice on implementing and using of all our products with your existing school policies.

"The School Software Company have been friendly and helpful and telephone support has been brilliant"
Headteacher - Kent Primary

If there are no ’off-the-shelf’ products available we can design bespoke software packages that directly meet the specific requirements of individual schools and authorities. If you have a current system that consumes valuable time and delivers little benefit, a manual system that is crying out for automation or an idea for reducing the administrative burden on teachers and schools, we are ready to help.

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"An excellent presentation. The instructor really knows his stuff."
Outreach Teacher - Wirral Special