Evidence of Improvement for the SEF

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Case Study - Be Outstanding in Your Behaviour Management

How one school in a very challenging environment were judged outstanding for behaviour, in consecutive inspections. It features an in-depth interview with the Deputy Headteacher describing their approach to behaviour management and how, despite high fixed-period exclusions, when it came to completing the SEF they could provide clear evidence that behaviour was improving. The interview covers:

  • Providing evidence for the SEF
  • Developing whole school systems
  • Middle-management responsibilities
  • Managing the Learning Support Centre

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Since September 2009, for schools to achieve a rating of at least good in an Ofsted inspection, it is necessary to demonstrate that behaviour is improving and also that the school has a clear idea of how to improve it further.

Demonstrating improvements is straightforward for all schools that track behaviour using Sleuth. Sleuth plays a major part in a school's self-evaluation and review process, providing all the evidence required for an audit or review of practice. It is also routinely used to demonstrate to Ofsted that a school is taking appropriate steps to improve behaviour. The ability to sustain improvement in schools is dependent on continual monitoring and self-evaluation and Sleuth provides the means for this.

Examples of using data from Sleuth as evidence in your SEF includes:

  • Reduced Referrals to Senior Staff
  • Personalised CPD for Managing Behaviour
  • Evidence of the Impact of Sanctions & Rewards
  • Measure of the Effectiveness of Policy
  • Communicating with Parents/Carers

Sleuth is used in all aspects of behaviour management, for example, schools also use Sleuth to:


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Significant Improvements
"Sleuth allowed us to clearly demonstrate to Ofsted that we have made significant improvements in our behaviour management. Our OFSTED report makes clear and continued reference to the outstanding approach we have developed to manage behaviour"
Deputy Headteacher - Birmingham Secondary
Supporting Policy
"Our Ofsted report stated that weaknesses in behaviour management led to unsatisfactory behaviour in lessons and a high level of fixed period exclusions. We introduced Sleuth to support our behaviour policy and help us evaluate our behaviour strategies. It has played a significant part in helping us address the issues raised by Ofsted"
Director of Inclusion - Essex Secondary
Ofsted SEF
"The data and analysis produced by Sleuth is invaluable information for the SEF. Sleuth enables us to demonstrate how and why we manage behaviour based on hard data"
Lead Behaviour Professional - Croydon Secondary