Purchasing ESM

The cost for running the Every Student Matters online survey is based on the number of pupils in school.

The cost includes:

  • Trial Run of Survey - A trial survey so that you can prepare staff and students to run the survey
  • Live Run of Survey - Login details to run the online survey for all your pupils
  • Results Report - A Microsoft Word document with the a summary of the survey results and a detailed breakdown of answers to each question presented under the Every Child Matters Headings
  • Student Comments Report - A Microsoft Word document containing all the students’ comments on the survey and school life. Entering a comment is optional for students
  • Results Data - An Microsoft Excel file with all the collected question data that you can use for further statistical analysis of the results

Below are some guideline costs for a range of different school sizes:


Nbr Pupils Purchase Price Repeat Run*
300 £350.00 £262.50
500 £450.00 £337.50
700 £550.00 £412.50
900 £650.00 £487.50
1100 £750.00 £562.50

* Price when purchased with initial run (incl 25% discount)


See the Every Student Matters page for more information on the survey itself.

For a quote to run Every Student Matters online survey in your school please fill in the Contact Form and we will reply with all the details and price options.


Shaping Policy
"The Every Student Matters process signals a vital shift towards recognising the necessity of student voice in shaping any modern school policy. The survey is easy to use, accessible to all levels of computer literacy. Students enjoy using it."
Assistant Headteacher - Cornwall Secondary
Practical Policy Initiatives
"Over 500 students completed the ESM survey which provided the SLT with some interesting student views on a range of issues. Practical policy initiatives resulted and changes were made to lunchtime organisation, the promotion of healthy eating, initiating more clubs and activities and the implementation of an extended research project for students"
Staff Student Voice Representative - Telford & Wrekin Secondary