Recording Observations using the Class Monitor

The class monitor is a new and easy way of recording an incident in Sleuth. Typically, it will be used to record observations made over a period of time (for example for a lesson period, activity or session) rather than for a discrete event. Combined with the behaviour groups and behaviour levels features of Sleuth, it's a quick, straightforward and detailed way to record behaviour.

The clear visual presentation of behaviour on the screen means it is ideal for a smartboard in the classroom to engage students in improving their behaviour and learning.


Using the Class Monitor

A brief video demonstrating how using the class monitor and behaviour levels means that all staff can quickly and easily record and reward more behaviours for more pupils


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The Class Monitor Screen

The students and the behaviours/skills are presented as a table, with the students listed down the left and the behaviours across the top.

Behaviours are in behaviour groups and each group has its own tab (e.g. In Class, Homework, Extra Curricular, etc).

Just click on a cell in the grid to record a behaviour for a student, it couldn't be easier.

If there is more than one behaviour level for a particular behaviour, click again to step through each level. Every level can be colour coded and each can have a points value.



Which Behaviours & Learning Skills Can I Record?

You have complete control over the behaviours and learning skills that are recorded in Sleuth. You control the language used, the order, the groups, levels, colours and points.

  • Behaviour Groups: used to link related behaviours for data entry and reporting, e.g. Learning, Ready to Learn, Social.
  • Behaviours: can be positive, negative or neutral and can appear in more than one behaviour group
  • Levels: used to provide a score or rating to a behaviour or skill, e.g. Once-Twice-x3-x4, Good-Excellent-Poor, On-Above-Below.

Any number of behaviour groups, behaviours or levels can be set-up to meet a particular policy, level of detail required and language for behaviour.



Recording EBD Scales Using the New Class Monitor

A document describing how the new class monitor feature and behaviour levels in Sleuth can be used for routine assessments as well as for discrete behavioural incidents. By tracking behaviour in Sleuth you have the means to provide supporting evidence for the scores given on the EBD scale all within the same system and framework.


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Headteacher - Solihull EBD
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Deputy Headteacher - Surrey Special
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Deputy Headteacher - Croydon Secondary
It's Striaghtforward
"In Sleuth, the process of recording is straightforward and fits with our policy framework. Staff at all levels know what they’re doing "
Asst Head - Essex Secondary