Managing Referrals to Improve Behaviour

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White Paper - Managing Referrals to Improve Behaviour

This white paper explains the importance of a the referral system in the school improvement process.

Good schools know how to improve behaviour and this paper explains a practical solution for all schools to manage referrals effectively and to demonstrate that you know how and where to improve behaviour

The white paper includes:

  • What makes an effective referral system
  • Using Behaviour Tracking to manage referrals
  • A flowchart describing an effective referral system

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Sleuth is a behaviour tracking system that manages the whole referral process effectively. Every behaviour referral is recorded with the right level of detail for your school and behaviour policy, objectively and consistently, so staff can deal with a referral without having to chase down more information. Using Sleuth means their response to the referral is not only timely, but effective and appropriate for the student concerned.


Using Sleuth to track behaviour and manage referrals leads to:

  • A Consistent and Systematic Approach - Sleuth encourages a timely and systematic response to behaviour consistent with policy
  • Whole School Accountability - Sleuth develops greater accountability from all staff at every stage in the referral process
  • Informed and Positive Conversations - the up-to-date, detailed and objective behaviour data in Sleuth improves dialogue about behaviour with colleagues, students and their parents
  • Behaviour Improvement - Detailed analysis of behaviour referrals in Sleuth identifies where and how to target support to reduce them

Click for Videos Sleuth Video Examples - Referring an incident to a colleague and Following-up incidents referred to you


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Managing Referrals
"We can now operate a paperless referral system and can be much more proactive in how we manage behaviour. Staff use Sleuth to record both positive and negative behaviour and are encouraged to interrogate data if they are starting to work with a new student or class so they can be familiar with who they will be working with and plan their lessons accordingly"
Assistant Head - Swindon Secondary
Paperless & Timesaving
"Our recording and referral system is now completely electronic and we don't use any paper incident slips at all. Staff have received Sleuth very well and even our more reluctant IT users have a very positive opinion of the system. In particular staff feel that the format of recording in Sleuth has saved considerable time when compared with the previous handwritten incident report forms"
Headteacher - Worcs Special