Managing A Reward System

Sleuth tracks positive as well as negative behaviour. Importantly this enables a school to develop a positive approach to the whole school behaviour management strategy. Tracking the positive as well as the negative gives schools a balanced picture of student behaviour and using Sleuth staff can get an complete profile of the achievements of a student, a tutor group or a year group.

Rewards for success can either be linked to the number of positive behaviours recorded in Sleuth or to the number of behaviour points that they have accumulated.

Each positive behaviour or outcome in Sleuth, e.g. merit, good work, good attitude, etc., can have its own points score. This enables the school to set up a tariff which recognizes the significance of each positive behaviour and rewards students accordingly.

Positive behaviour can easily and quickly be recorded in class and running totals for individuals or groups displayed on a whiteboard to motivate students to improve.

Good news can also be emailed to parents automatically. A very effective and free way to communicate with home.

Click for Videos Sleuth Video Examples - Student of the Day and Quick Rewards/Behaviour Points

Staff who benefit from managing rewards in Sleuth:

  • School Leaders - School Leaders are able to see how effective the reward system is and how it is used by staff. Sleuth supports a consistent whole school approach to promoting positive behaviour and reveals the impact of a reward policy on whole school, group and individual behaviour.
  • Teaching Staff - A consistent framework for recognising and rewarding positive behaviour can be used to engage students and motivate them to improve. Using Sleuth, individuals and groups can be assigned merits quickly in class and their progress displayed (e.g. on a whiteboard) as accumulated rewards/behaviour points.
  • Form Tutor - Daily and Weekly reports show all rewards and behaviour points to celebrate success of tutees. Competition can be introduced between groups to promote teamwork and collaboration.
  • Curriculum Leaders - Within their area Curriculum Leaders are able to identify the most successful students as well as those requiring support and those disengaged from the reward system. An HoD can identify line-managed staff who apply policy effectively and can target CPD to other colleagues.
  • Heads of Year - Each HoY can manage the issuing of rewards for their year group and monitor the progress of individuals and tutor groups within their year and use this information proactively in Assemblies

All members of staff can create a MySearch or MyReport so that all information about positive behaviour and achievement relevant to them is available with a single mouse-click.

Features for managing rewards in Sleuth:

  • Behaviour Points - Every behaviour and action in Sleuth can have a behaviour points value. When a behaviour and/or action is assigned to a student the points are automatically assigned. A full range of reports are available to present accumulated points for individuals or groups using extensive search criteria to filter points to a particular subject, date range, behaviour group or staff member for example.
  • MyReports/SharedReports - One-click from login and all staff can display rewards/points on screen for target group - in assembly, in-class or for parent meetings for example
  • Generates Letters Home - Sleuth can automatically generate all reward letters home, certificates and postcards
  • Good News Parent Alerts - An action (reward) can automatically generate a Good News alert to parent/carers, via email for example
  • Batch Reports - A positive behaviour profile can be printed for every student in your tutor group in one-step, e.g. for a parents’ evening
  • Rewards Non-behaviour - Sleuth allows you to report on students who have no record for negative or positive behaviour ensuring no students can ’ slip under the radar’ in a reward policy


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Getting Good News Home
"This means we can communicate good news (to parents) easily and for free"
Vice Principal - Solihull Secondary
Taking Pride in Behaviour
"Sleuth is used to track positive behaviour and manage our Bronze, Silver, Gold awards .. Students are now actively asking about behaviour points and are proud to be wearing badges. We have inter-form competitions and points scores are shared in Assembly."
Director of Inclusion - Essex Secondary
Points & Rewards
"We run our rewards policy based on Sleuth’s positive points. Outcomes have points, points lead to Headteacher’s awards and prizes. We have introduced ’Rewards Boards’ into all tutor rooms to update students on their positive and negative scores"
Deputy Head - Cornwall Secondary
"Powerful Stuff"
"We motivate pupils towards improvement by informing/showing them their Sleuth profiles. If there is improvement over a target period we issue an Improvers Award. We also reward pupils with no Sleuths with special trips/activities and set targets for some pupils to try not to get any Sleuths in a given target period in order to be eligible for a reward activity, this is proving to be very powerful stuff"
Deputy Head - Birmingham