Sleuth in Special School and PRUs

Over the last twelve years, through our work with hundreds of schools, we have developed a successful evidence-based approach to improving the behaviour of pupils with SEN which is supported by our highly-regarded software package called Sleuth.

Sleuth plays a central role in ensuring that a school's behaviour and reward policies are effective and embedded in whole-school practice. We will work with you to adapt Sleuth so that it is consistent with your own policies and provides all the detailed behaviour data you need to inform decision-making for both strategic and day-to-day behaviour management.


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An Example of Good Practice in Behaviour Management at Foxfield Special School

"As a special school we have a lot of pupil behaviour issues and for many years have used various systems to record and to analyse, all very bureaucratic, time consuming and not ideal for any detailed analysis or even basic analysis."

"We looked at a lot of different systems that are on the market and Sleuth stood out to me, and to the staff, in being easy to use and very effective in terms of what you get out of it. We didn't just want an IT system, we wanted something that would lead to better pupil behaviour and enable staff to be more proactive in how they manage and improve pupil behaviour and as a consequence support pupils to make more progress in the broad sense as well."

The Headteacher

"Studentsí behaviour is good and improving rapidly. The management of behaviour by staff is getting better because of the excellent work of the behaviour management team."

Ofsted Nov 2012

"Sleuth has had a big part to do with our Ofsted judgement. We can actually prove the fact that it's working now, we can show people that this is the effect it's having. The strategies that we are putting in place, these are the effects they're having. "

Behaviour Team Leader


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Know What's Going On
"We had Ofsted in and they love tracking and monitoring. They want to see that you are on top of it and know what is going on and what to do about it. Sleuth proves we do."
Deputy Head - Surrey Special School
Everyone's Accountable for Behaviour
"Staff really do value Sleuth. They know that it's a proper record of what happened. If it's in Sleuth then something has to be done about it. It makes everyone accountable for their actions which doesn't happen with paper forms in folders. "
Deputy Head - Bristol PRU
Clear & Concise for Parents
"In Parent/Carer Interviews Sleuth has had a real impact. We are able to present a very clear and concise picture of a student's behaviour in a way which depersonalises things a little. It is an amazing way of sharing with all stakeholders what is happening in school"
Headteacher - Worcs Special