Managing Transition

Sleuth can have a significant impact on issues relating to pupil transition. Most obviously pupils transferring from primary to secondary school but also where students may be involved in a managed moved or where alternative provision is being sought at a PRU for example.

Where behaviour information is conscientiously gathered by the feeder school, by SENCOs for SEN pupils for example, it is usually a laborious task to process it and it can end up in a filing cabinet without ever reaching those staff who could benefit from seeing it.

Sleuth ensures this information is collected consistently and is available to those who require it to prepare for transition. It is notable that nationally the exclusion figures rise dramatically from Yr6 to Yr 7. Using behaviour data to identify and target support for vulnerable students can enable secondary schools to consider focussed and targeted interventions such as nuture groups and extended tranisiton periods to acclimatise.

In the same way access to the behaviour data in Sleuth can be be provided to external agencies to monitor and support students, a primary school can create a login for the Primary Secondary Liaison at the secondary school(s) that their pupils are moving to. MyReports can be set-up to show the profiles of all transition students identifying any that may be vulnerable or at-risk.

Staff who benefit from managing transition in Sleuth:

  • Primary-Secondary Liaison Manager - Use Sleuth to analyse the behaviour of students transferring from the feeder primary. Information may lead to decisions about how class groups are put together, establishing nurture groups and other targeted interventions
  • Head of PRU - can be given access to view behaviour records for a student that has been referred to them for a temporary placement. Enabling them to put in place strategies to target key behaviour

Features for managing transition in Sleuth:

  • MyReports - Setup reports for a guest user (Primary-Secondary Liaison Manager) to login and view reports prepared specifically for transition planning
  • Student Groups - Students can be grouped by feeder school, or home postcode or as vulnerable students so a mentor can track their progress through the early stages of transition
Linking Behaviour & Learning
"Our SENCO has used Sleuth to analyse the call-out statistics for all of the students identified as having Special Educational Needs. As a result we have been able to make a valuable link between behaviour and teaching and learning"
Deputy Headteacher - Bradford Secondary
It’s Working!
"Before we started using Sleuth we had a large volume of records that we could do little with. Yesterday I was able to produce graphs showing us that negative behaviour is reducing in frequency and that what we are doing to manage it is working. We are quickly able to identify which are the most successful responses"
Deputy Headteacher - Portsmouth Primary
Supporting SEN
"Sleuth reports have also been helpful in providing information to support the statementing of students with behavioural issues. The detailed records allow us to demonstrate the challenges faced by staff and the students. Similarly they have proved invaluable in multi-agency work such as case conferences"
Headteacher - Cheshire Secondary