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Flakefleet Primary School is a school of nearly 400 pupils in Fleet, Lancashire.  Headteacher Mike Barnes was looking for a straightforward way to collect and analyse data to support applications for statements for SEBD students and demonstrate their provision for these students was effective.  Staff had been struggling with an adhoc system involving a significant paper trail so it was hoped a computer-based system would help them be more consistent. 

After considering using their school administration system they selected a dedicated system for behaviour management, Sleuth.  Mr Barnes said, "The introduction of Sleuth marked the start of a completely new initiative .. a consistent and standardised means of recording behaviour."

As well as supporting their application for statements, Sleuth is also used to manage the delivery of the SEAL programme and support the work of the Learning Support team.

Mr Barnes says, "We are now able to get a complete picture of behaviour in school which enables us to make a link between behaviour and attainment"

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