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Burnholme Community College is a fast improving 11-16 Specialist Business & Enterprise College in the eastern suburbs of York.  Following their May inspection they have been recognised by OSFTED as having  improved from Satisfactory to Good.  They have a much higher than average proportion of students with learning difficulties and statements of special needs.  This includes a group of students with behavioural, emotional and social needs.

Recognising the role behaviour tracking plays in effective behaviour management, they identified the need to move from paper-based to electronic behaviour tracking.  Assistant Headteacher, Malcolm Downie says, "Before going for Sleuth, we evaluated the behaviour module in SIMS but it took too long to enter data and it wasn’t possible to record or analyse data in sufficient detail to track behaviour properly. Nothing else offered the same range of evidence that Sleuth provides. Sleuth gives us the detail we need to be able to make decisions, monitor their impact and make sure our policy is working."

"We have been delighted with Sleuth since day one. Using Sleuth all our key outcomes were met very quickly. I now cannot think of life without it."

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