New Features in the Latest Release of Sleuth (Sept 09)
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The development of Sleuth is driven by working closely with our users to deliver new features and enhancements that our users feel will benefit them most. We are pleased to announce that our latest release of Sleuth continues in this vein. 

Significant among the new features is the ability to share key behaviour data: with colleagues in school, with out of school support agencies and also parents.  This provides detailed and up to date behaviour data to all the relevant stakeholders without requiring any training at all, they simply login to Sleuth and select the reports they are allowed to run.  See below for more details.

The following are the highlights of the user requested improvements in the latest release of Sleuth:

Output Report Detail to CSV (Excel)

SharedSearches - Copy MySearches to Colleagues

SharedReports - Copy MyReports to Colleagues

Set-up Parent/Carer Access to Sleuth

SharedReports - Copy MyReports to Parents

See also New Features Added in Previous Release (May 09)


Report Detail Outputs to CSV (Excel)

Report data can now be output in CSV (comma separated) format and opened directly in another application from Sleuth, such as Microsoft Excel. This output option can also be included in your MyReports and can be used in conjunction with the Batch reporting facility.

If you need to do further detailed analysis of behaviour data in Excel then select your search criteria, report type and select the CSV option as your preferred output format. Save this as a MyReport so it can be run again and again from your Home page. To find out more about the reports you can export and setting up MyReports see the Help pages in Sleuth.

If you think the analysis you do in Excel would be useful for other schools, please let us know, we'd be happy to consider adding it as a standard report in Sleuth. As well as saving you time manipulating data in Excel this would make the results available to colleagues and as part of Sleuth they would be submissible to regulatory bodies as verified results.

SharedSearches - Copy MySearches to Colleagues

A MySearch is a user query displaying key behaviour data relevant to the user, for example this may be behaviour data for the current week, a particular student, a tutor/house/year group, subject area or all any combination of criteria.  A MySearch can be run again and again in a single-step from a users home-page.

It is now possible to create a MySearch and make it available to colleagues as a SharedSearch. Simply select the MySearch and choose the staff members you wish to share it with.  SharedSearches can be setup to make sure colleagues have access to the data they need to effectively manage behaviour. A SharedSearch is quick and simple to run for any user, even those with no experience of using Sleuth, just click the link on the Home page to run the search and display the results.

Some typical uses for SharedSearches are:

  • SharedSearches for New Staff - When new staff join the school you can quickly provide them with the means to get the data they need to review behaviour issues relevant to their role. For example, searches can be set-up to display incidents they have entered or referred, those that have been followed-up by colleagues, all incidents in their faculty area or for students in their own teaching groups. A colleague or Head of Dept can assign MyReports and MySearches to any member of staff. 
  • SharedSearches for a Consistent & Collaborative Approach - SharedSearches ensure that colleagues have access to the same information, encouraging them to use this information in their day-to-day management of behaviour.  For example all staff in a faculty could have a search to monitor the success of a particular intervention strategy, the pastoral team could have a search highlighting issues with social/emotional behaviour to gauge the impact of the SEAL programme.
  • SharedSearches to Communicate Concern - Where a member of staff idenitifies an individual student having difficulty and requiring support they can set-up a MySearch highlighting relevant aspects of the student's behaviour and make this available as a SharedSearch for colleagues involved in monitoring and supporting the student, e.g. SENCO, Head of Year/House.

Only authorised Sleuth users can create SharedSearches.  To find out how more about how to create a SharedSearch see the Help pages in Sleuth.

SharedReports - Copy MyReports to Colleagues

Similar to SharedSearches described above, a SharedReport is a MyReport that can be shared with colleagues.  Rather than each individual member of staff define their own reports, any reports that are useful to a group of staff can be created by one member of staff and then shared with colleagues.  SharedReports can include Batch reports and output can be to PDF or CSV.

Some typical uses for SharedReports may be:

  • SharedReports for New Staff- When new staff join the school they can be provided with a quick way to review any current behaviour issues, whether whole school, in their faculty or just in their tutor/class groups.  This is extremely useful for informed lesson planning, supporting students and for continuity of learning.
  • SharedReports for Meetings- SharedReports can be setup for particular meetings to review behaviour, each member of staff in attendance can have the relevant SharedReports setup so they are prepared.  For example for a departmental meeting, a summary of referrals made by staff in the department in the current term; for an SMT meeting, a line-graph showing each year group's serious  incidents week by week.  

Only authorised Sleuth users can create SharedReports.  To find out how more about how to create a SharedReport see the Help pages in Sleuth.

Set-up Parent/Carer Access to Sleuth

Parents can now be given login details for Sleuth to review selected behaviour data for the students in their care. A parent/carer can run selected reports created for them by an authorised member of staff. The reports only display selected data for the nominated student, or students, in the parent's care. No data can be entered or changed by a parent.

Once a parent record has been created in Sleuth, an authorised member of staff creates a MyReport and then shares it with designated parents. When a parent logs in they can run their SharedReport(s) and review behaviour data in real-time.

Only authorised Sleuth users can create Parent login details. To find out how more about how to create a Parent login details see the Help pages in Sleuth.

SharedReports - Copy MyReports to Parents

Parents with login details for Sleuth can run SharedReports from their Home page. Only data for the students in their care will be displayed and staff assigning the SharedReport(s) have control over which reports are provided and for what period.

Only authorised Sleuth users can share reports with Parents. To find out how more about how to create SharedReports for Parents see the Help pages in Sleuth.


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