No Compromising on Behaviour Management
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Farnham Heath End School in Surrey is a specialist school in Maths and Computing for students aged 11-16. It is regarded locally as a successful school both academically and socially.

The school operate a House System with four houses, each has eight vertical tutor groups. Each vertical tutor group consists of 28 - 29 students, with students being drawn in roughly equal numbers from each of the year groups.

The school are keen to continue improving and wanted to implement a pastoral tracking system so Heads of House could evaluate and monitor behaviour to improve their behaviour management provision. The Heads of House first evaluated Sleuth in the summer of 2008 and recommended that the school adopted it but it was eventually decided they would try to make their existing recording process in SIMS more efficient.

After a year of using SIMS, staff had become increasingly unhappy with the time taken to enter data, eventually becoming reluctant to use it. Staff found the process of entering behaviour incidents complex and not particularly streamlined. They also had no way to communicate referrals automatically or manage their detentions.

One of the Heads of House at Farnham Heath End, Mark O’ Donnell was keen to improve the situation and reconsidered using a dedicated behaviour tracking system such as Sleuth. Mr O’ Donnell said,

“SIMS never operated as an effective means of communication, the focus was on logging behaviour, not managing it. Sleuth effectively replicates a traditional paper referral form so staff quickly understand and grasp the process. It simply makes the whole thing more efficient and accessible by being electronic rather than paper-based.

“Although setting up our own reports in SIMS was possible it isn’t that easy or effective. We got our SIMS experts to do this but the problem is that the behaviour data ends up being managed by a couple of staff when really we want it to be managed by everyone to have the biggest impact possible.

“Our behaviour policy follows a series of levels. The behaviour group feature allows us to model this in Sleuth so when staff are logging incidents they do so based on the behaviour levels and corresponding actions in our behaviour policy. This directly links policy and practice and encourages consistency when dealing with behaviour.

“With Sleuth, we no longer have to base our processes on what the MIS was capable of. We can set it up to mirror our policy exactly, there’s no longer any compromising on our behaviour management.”

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