How to Reduce Referrals
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After only one term of the new inspection framework, the DCFS have announced that, “An analysis of recent inspections suggests that some schools are struggling to achieve or maintain a good behaviour judgement”.

Based on our experience working with hundreds of schools this isn't surprising.  The new framework focusses on behaviour and the need for schools to demonstrate that behaviour is improving.  Many schools simply don't monitor behaviour in sufficient detail to be able to provide evidence that they are improving. 

Although data collection for assessment and attendance is very much part of the accepted routine for staff, this is still not usually the case for data on behaviour. Making sure behaviour data is routinely and consistently monitored is not only key to demonstrating improvement, but is also key to whole school behaviour management.

Monitoring behaviour need not be a time-consuming process.  Indeed, using the right tools it will save considerable time for all staff, not least Middle Leaders who are largely responsible for pastoral care in schools.  To give schools a starting point for monitoring behaviour, we have written a white paper describing an approach that simply improves a process already familiar to staff, that of monitoring referrals to colleagues. 

You can read the white paper here 

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