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Soon after opening as an academy, Park Hall Academy in Solihull implemented a completely new Behaviour for Learning policy.  In order to support the new policy's introduction they used Sleuth to monitor it’s use in practice.

In our two-part case study we interview the Vice Principal to find out how they went about introducing the policy and how they used Sleuth to monitor its impact and ensure its success.

  • Part 1 - Part one of the case study was done after just a term of the new policy. They reported a "massive improvement" in their ability to manage behaviour and were using the data in Sleuth to develop better home-school relationships.
  • Part 2 - Part two takes place a year after implementing their new policy. It would be easy to focus on the huge (over 80%) drop in fixed period exclusions but equally noteworthy is the reduction in day-to-day low-level behaviour.  Both achievements are the product of good policy and good practice.  Through effective behaviour tracking, staff at all levels know what behaviour is happening in school and are proactive and consistent in managing it.  

Park Hall Academy Case Study - How to successfully implement a behaviour policy


The improvement at Park Hall Academy is not unique, any school with the right approach and right tools can improve behaviour.  In fact, most schools already do the hard part, they record behaviour, whether on paper or electronically. However, very few schools use the right tools to make really effective use of this recorded data.  This is where Sleuth makes such a difference, schools that use Sleuth are able to develop a policy that works in practice and improves behaviour.  Park Hall Academy is just one example of this.


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