Managing In-Class Rewards
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Using Sleuth allows you to replace a class sticker chart with a real-time electronic reward chart on your whiteboard.  Not only does this mean you can display individual, group and whole school behaviour at the click of a mouse, but you can also share the information easily, and for free, with parents via email.

Pupils can collect merits through the school day/week for their behaviour, attendance or achievement and their progress can be shared with them interactively on the whiteboard.  Collected merits can then lead to class, year or whole school rewards such as 'Student of the Day', 'Class of the Week', etc.   For every reward Sleuth can automatically generate a document, for example a letter home or a certifcate, and immediately send an email to parents to share the good news.  Many parents can collect email on their mobile phones so your good news will travel fast, effectively and free of charge.


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Watch a video showing how to assign merits in Sleuth and reward the ’Student of the Day’


Sleuth is an online system requiring no installation or complicated setup, it can synchronise with your own MIS system and can be used with very little training.

  • Completely customisable to your own reward system/behaviour policy
  • One-click to display pupil/class merits for a session/day/week or term
  • Ideal for presenting in class, in assemblies and to parents
  • Supports and reports progress of your SEAL programme
  • Detailed behaviour analysis for self-evaluation and Ofsted


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