Consistency is the Key
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A recent Education Committee report on Behaviour & Discipline in Schools provides an excellent and honest account of how to address behaviour in schools. One of the key summary statements reads:

"A good school behaviour policy, agreed and communicated to all staff, governors, pupils, parents and carers, consistently applied, is the basis of an effective approach to managing behaviour"

Few school leaders could dispute that behaviour management would be more effective if everyone in the school community signed-up to the behaviour policy and everyone followed what it says. The question is, how is this achieved in practice? Our white paper provides a solution with an effective approach for schools to deliver a behaviour policy that really works in practice.

White Paper - An Effective Approach to Managing Behaviour

There are hundreds of schools benefiting from this approach and it doesn’t require an overhaul of existing systems.  We have proved that can be successful in any school, mainstream and special, primary and secondary.  It develops a whole school ethos to managing behaviour  that is consistent with your policy and provides accurate information upon which to make better decisions and improve communication about behaviour with colleagues, students and their parents.


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