A Brilliant Reward System
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A large West Midlands school have developed an outstanding reward system based on the Olympic Values that has been a huge success in encouraging students to improve learning skills, develop social skills and promote positive behaviours.

The system is called PRIDE and incorporates elements from established frameworks including PLTS, SEAL and the 5Rs, built on the foundations of the seven Olympic and Paralympic values that the school wish to foster in all their learners:

  • P ersonal Excellence
  • R espect & Friendship
  • I nspiration
  • D etermination & Courage
  • E quality

The school are using Sleuth to manage PRIDE and to monitor and reward the students' success. The school's Headteacher said,

"Our students have engaged with this more than they have ever engaged with any reward system .. they all want to do well. From the evidence in Sleuth we know that we're improving and what we are doing is effective, we've made huge progress and we have lots of students exhibiting positive behaviours"


Streetly School

PRIDE: An Outstanding Reward System - A Sleuth Case Study


Hundreds of schools benefit from using Sleuth to develop effective approaches for managing behaviour. Implementing Sleuth doesn’t require an overhaul of existing systems, it supports any behaviour policy and enables leaders to quickly identify areas for improvement and then to monitor the impact of their improvement strategies. Sleuth has been successful in all types of school, mainstream and special, primary and secondary.  Using Sleuth develops a whole school ethos to managing behaviour, one that is consistent with your policy and provides accurate information upon which to make better decisions and improve communication about behaviour with colleagues, students and their parents.


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