New Full-Colour Matrix Reports
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With over 50 different search criteria for analysing behaviour, more than 60 different options for collating results plus a range of ways to present the results (including graphs, charts, text, tables or exported to Excel), Sleuth provides the most comprehensive tools of any behaviour tracking system for analysing your behaviour data to reveal exactly what behaviour looks like in your school.

The latest release includes another format for presenting the results - the matrix report. A matrix report is a table of results and allows direct comparison between students, staff, behaviours or periods for example.

Some features of matrix reports are:

  • Targeted - Use all the existing search criteria to target results
  • Colour Highlighting - Full colour can be used to highlight when a value falls within a range or when a threshold has been reached.
  • Show Student Count or Behaviour Points - Student's involvement (student count) or behaviour points can be presented as a matrix report
  • Batch - Available to be run in Sleuth's unique batch reporting facility
  • Scalable - Output scales automatically to present all results for printing

Example Sleuth Matrix Reports

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    Targeting Low-Level Behaviour - This report uses the behaviour group feature of Sleuth to highlight the low-level behaviours that are most frequent amongst year 9 students. This report can be used to target support at staff and students to reduce the frequency of these behaviours in lessons
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    On the Podium - Managing Merits - A matrix report for a year group showing merits accrued over a term and highlighting those students achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze targets in each subject area. Can be used in a year group assembly to present medals or rewards to each pupil.
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    PRIDE Positive Behaviour Report for a Tutor Group - PRIDE is a framework for developing social and emotional skills and positive behaviours.  Each week form tutors review their students' progress in each of the PRIDE areas and use it to celebrate success and discuss the core skills required to be an effective learner.
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    Targeting Staff CPD for Behaviour - Staff CPD in behaviour management is most effective when it is targeted to support the individual needs of staff. Sleuth supports Middle Leaders to develop targeted support plans for line-managed staff to improve skills and confidence in managing behaviour.
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    Targeted Support for Ethnic Groups - A breakdown of serious incidents by ethnic group, year group and gender can be used to target appropriate support for these groups of students and to develop early intervention strategies for high-risk groups.

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