Do Rewards Improve Behaviour?
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Every school has a policy to promote positive behaviour (a reward system) but increasingly schools are becoming reliant on a basic system of issuing token rewards in exchange for just a few positive behaviours. Not only can this approach be expensive and unsustainable, for many young people it doesn’t actually work.

Successful schools are already reducing negative behaviour through behaviour tracking. The same principles are equally effective in promoting positive behaviour. Tracking the positive as well as the negative provides a complete and balanced picture of behaviour for targeted support, self-evaluation and improvement planning.

Using behaviour tracking to promote positive behaviour:

  • Provides a clear framework for behaviour for learning
  • Informs the development of SEAL, PLTS and the Every Child Matters agenda
  • Motivates more students to improve
  • Ensures recognition is frequent, consistent, fair, sustainable and affordable
  • Monitors and measures the impact of your policy

This white paper highlights the key things to consider when developing a reward system and recommends an approach that is consistent, fair and sustainable. It also includes an excellent real-life example of where this approach has had a massive impact on pupil performance and motivation.

White Paper - A Successful Approach to Positive Behaviour


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