Striking Examples of Improvement
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Westwood Girls' College is a secondary school of nearly 700 pupils in Croydon.

The school introduced Sleuth in September 2010 to monitor the use and impact of their behaviour policy and reward system. A recent visit by HMI reported "striking examples of improvement" in behaviour brought about by their use of Sleuth to track behaviour.  Ofsted were particularly impressed with the impact of the reward system on student motivation and behaviour, stating that,

"Good behaviour for learning is systematically enforced through the reward system, including recognition of Learner of the Month, the weekly Westwood Way Award and healthy competition between houses for points."

This case study features an in-depth interview with a senior leader at the school and describes how Westwood Girls' School have used their reward system to motivate students and improve staff-student relationships. It also describes how behaviour tracking has led to a much more consistent approach to dealing with behaviour which was noted and praised by Ofsted.

Westwood Girls' College Case Study - Striking Examples of Improvement




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