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The latest release of Sleuth can now send email alerts that contain images and stylised text allowing you to create some impressive looking personalised emails that can go to parents or staff automatically when an action is assigned in Sleuth.  Alert templates can now include a graphical, full-colour background style (using an HTML wrapper) so can be branded for your own school and customised to suit the purpose of the email. They can also be printed and used as certificates to award in class or assembly or display in school. 

You can keep it simple and have an alert that corresponds to your school letterhead or be creative and design some sophisticated graphical alerts that are worthy of a place on a classroom wall or in a pupil's bedroom. 

Remember that emails are free to send and almost all parents can receive them at work or at home with many also able to receive them on smartphones and other mobile devices.   If you use the Sleuth Importer to keep Sleuth synchronised with your MIS all the parent details and email addresses from your MIS will already be in Sleuth and available for use.

You can setup as many different background styles as you need for your school. They can be age, subject and/or reward or sanction specific. We'd be happy to talk you through what's possible and discuss your own requirements and existing school logos or branding.

Any action (sanction or reward) can have a default alert template associated with it.  When this action is assigned to a pupil the alert is automatically created, styled, personalised with all the student and incident details, and emailed to the parents. Whether there are 2 or 200 pupils on the incident, all actions with an alert will generate a corresponding email to the parents of each pupil with no extra effort from any of your staff.

What do I have to do to be able to use the new branded emails?

  1. Send Image Files to Us: Send us two files, one for the header image and one for the footer image (as jpg or gif files, both sized to 600x200px) and tell us the background colour code you want for the body of the email (see email layout). We'll also need a name for your HTML Background so that you identify it if you plan to have several, e.g. Letterhead, Gold Award, etc.
  2. We Create Your Background: Using your image files we will create the background style in Sleuth for you and create an example Positive Alert called Example showing how to stylise the body text using basic HTML p-tags. We will email you when it's ready to use.
  3. You Edit and Test Alert: From the menu select Admin -> Pastoral Data -> Positive Alerts, select the Example alert. Note the entry for the Template field will be set to the chosen name for your HTML Background. Click Send Test Alert. This will send a copy of the alert to your email address defined in MySettings. Play with the document parameters and styles until you have achieved the look you are after.
  4. Create New Alert: When you have finished testing, click Save and Copy and give your alert a new name.
  5. Associate Alert with An Action: From the menu select Admin -> Pastoral Data -> Positive Actions and click an existing Action or create a new one. In the Alerts to Parents/Carers field select the alert you created and named in step 4.

The process is identical for positive or negative alerts and their associated actions.

If you want some help preparing images or designing your backgrounds, email sleuth@schoolsoftwarecompany.com with the details of what you are looking to do and we will guide you. If you want us to create the images for you we'd be happy to discuss this and provide a quote for doing the work.

Click on the icons below to see a description of the alert background layout and a few examples of the alerts that can be produced using a variety of background examples.




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