Innovative Behaviour Management
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North Huddersfield Trust School is a relatively new community school located to the north of Huddersfield town centre, which opened in the former buildings of Fartown High School.

The school has established innovative leading practice in its use of Sleuth - the behaviour tracking system. By developing and embedding a whole school staff approach to using Sleuth, the school has been able to consistently track and manage all aspects of behaviour including that of tackling bullying. Sleuth has added an open and analytical dimension to an already robust pastoral support structure in school by ensuring that:

  • All outcomes regarding behaviour are accurately recorded and are consistent with school policy
  • All stakeholders have a clearly understood responsibility for behaviour
  • All decisions, conversations and forums about behaviour are informed by evidence
  • All staff have a complete and accurate picture of whole school, group and individual behaviour

This case study features an in-depth interview with a senior leader at the school who implemented Sleuth.  It describes the impact of behaviour tracking on staff and leaders at the school and how they use it to support their PRIDE Student Charter.


North Huddersfield Trust School

Innovative Leading Practice - A Sleuth Case Study



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