Motivating and Rewarding
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Emerson Park Academy in Hornchurch in Essex, is a mixed comprehensive academy of 1000 pupils aged 11 – 16 years. 

As a sports college the school share the Olympic values and adopted PRIDE*, a positive behaviour model that uses the Olympic values as a framework to develop a range of learning skills in pupils.   They wanted a single system to manage PRIDE and support their systems for sanctions and rewards;  a single system that was straightforward for all their staff to use effectively and efficiently on a daily basis.    

After a thorough evaluation of several systems, Emerson Park Academy chose Sleuth - the behaviour tracking system.  Within a term Sleuth had an immediate and positive impact on staff, pupils and their parents.

This case study describes how a well-planned implementation of Sleuth paid dividends and how their approach to promoting positive behaviour is proving to be as motivating for staff as it is rewarding for students.


Emerson Park Academy

Motivating & Rewarding - A Sleuth Case Study





*PRIDE is a reward system based on the Olympic Values to motivate pupils to improve learning skills, develop social skills and promote positive behaviours. It incorporates elements from established frameworks including PLTS, SEAL and the 5Rs


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