Improving Attitudes to Learning
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Barnhill Community High School in Hillingdon is a popular and over-subscribed school of 1400 pupils aged 11 – 18 years.  Already an improving school, the leadership team are focused on the twin priorities of raising achievement and improving behaviour.  

In particular, school leaders want to address low-level disruption to teaching and to improve attitudes to learning; they identified three objectives:   

  • To focus on positive behaviour and reward positive behaviour all the way through school.
  • To support staff in consistent behaviour management
  • To improve communication with parents

Sleuth - the behaviour tracking system was selected as the ideal tool to support them to meet these objectives.  

This case study describes their progress and how, when Ofsted came calling, they were able to use Sleuth to provide on-the-spot evidence of improvement  to inspectors.


Barnhill Community High School

Improving Attitudes to Learning - A Sleuth Case Study



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