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The latest release of Sleuth now includes a completely new way to record behaviour, learning skills, assessments and attendance.

It's quicker, easier and more detailed than ever before.   A whole lesson observation can now be entered in even more detail in even less time. 


  • It's Quick: Using lesson and user information most of the information to analyse the impact of teaching on learning and behaviour is entered automatically. All learning observations are entered on a single screen with the click of a mouse or a touch on a tablet or smartboard
  • It's Straightforward: All information entered is selected from pre-defined values that correspond exactly to the behaviour policy and agreed language to describe behaviour. All behaviours and skills are grouped and colour-coded so staff know exactly what do
  • It's Detailed: You can now record the exact level, frequency, grade or standard of behaviour or learning skill observed. Understanding the impact of teaching and learning on individuals and groups requires detailed analysis. Sleuth provides the means to analyse every detail recorded and to present the results in a meaningful way, in a single step, targeted appropriately for every member of staff and their role


Watch a Video of the New Class Monitor in Sleuth

It's quick. It's straightforward. It's detailed.    It's going to change the way you think about recording behaviour for learning.


See Class Monitoring for more information and examples.


See Sleuth Case Studies for some examples of good practice in behaviour management from schools using Sleuth.



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