Managing On-Call Effectively
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Many schools use an On-Call system to remove disruptive pupils from lessons so that learning can continue uninterrupted.  However, how many schools actually know the impact of this on the student removed from the lesson and on the other students in the lesson once their peer has been removed?

The guidance for Ofsted inspectors states that,

"Inspectors should take account of documentary evidence about pupils behaviour, including records of .. the use of any on-call systems"

Specifically in relation to the use of On-Call systems the guidance says,

"In order to judge their impact and effectiveness, ask senior leaders for their analysis of the impact and effectiveness of the school's strategies". 

Schools that use Sleuth have access to this information on a daily basis and are proactive in using it to inform policy.  Schools are able to identify where and how to improve the use of On-Call so that its impact on teaching and learning is positive.  One of the reasons Norlington School for Boys in Waltham Forest introduced Sleuth was to monitor their Standby (On-Call) system.

This case study describes how using Sleuth significantly improved the outcomes of the Standby system at the school.


Norlington School for Boys

Managing On-Call Effectively - A Sleuth Case Study

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