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Foxfield School is a community special school in Wirral for young people with learning difficulties. The leadership team recognise the importance of using data to monitor improvement and the newly formed Behaviour Management Team wanted to use collected behaviour data to target support and measure the impact of their work. They introduced Sleuth, adapting it to their own setting and policies, to give them an efficient way for recording all incidents of behaviour. Sleuth then analyses the data, producing detailed reports for profiling individuals, for identifying appropriate provision and then monitoring its impact on behaviour.

Headteacher André Baird explains why Foxfield introduced Sleuth and how it contributes to their approach to behaviour management:  

"We didn’t just want an IT system, we wanted something that would lead to better pupil behaviour and enable staff to be more proactive in how they manage and improve pupil behaviour "

"We are able to show we are being proactive in improving the behaviour of youngsters and improving their learning. We will always have youngsters in our schools whose behaviour can be challenging but now, in Sleuth, we have the best tool available to do something about it."

A year after launching Sleuth, an Ofsted inspection recognised Foxfield as a rapidly improving school with a Good judgement in every category. The leadership of behaviour was judged to be outstanding and the work of the behaviour management team was also commended. Steve Ledson, a member of the Behaviour Team at Foxfield said:

"The Behaviour Team all use Sleuth. It’s great to see evidence that we’re doing a good job and making a difference, it really gives you a boost. We can show people the impact of the strategies that we are putting in place, that they are working."

A detailed case study featuring an interview with the headteacher and members of the Behaviour Management Team can be downloaded below.


An Example of Effective & Proactive Behaviour Management

Foxfield School Case Study


Foxfield School is one of many special schools using Sleuth to support their behaviour and reward policies. Sleuth provides targeted information to staff which is used to inform practice and all communication about behaviour with colleagues, students and their parents.


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