Are You Ready For Ofsted

With the greater emphasis on behaviour in the new Ofsted framework, and very little notice given before inspection, how do you meet the demand for detailed information about behaviour in your school?

Many schools already record behaviour in one form or another but record keeping alone is no longer enough, Ofsted want to see evidence that this information is being used to monitor the impact of policy and interventions. The comment below is from a recent inspection report:

"The school has detailed documents to record different levels of incidents but there is no strategic overview of the different records and no analysis of patterns of behaviour to allow well-targeted actions to be taken."

Sleuth provides a really effective solution, demonstrating the impact of your behaviour policy on behaviour for learning with clear evidence. This is another comment from a recent inspection report for a school using Sleuth:

"The academy has developed a sophisticated, online, behaviour-tracking system which is clearly understood by all staff and students. Students value highly the conversations they have with staff, based on the information captured by this system .. The academy’s work in this area is recognised nationally as outstanding practice."

The case studies below illustrate how schools are using Sleuth to great effect before, during and after an Ofsted inspection.


Using the Class Monitor

Key to the success of Sleuth is that staff find it easy to use for both recording and reporting behaviour which means that it gets used routinely and consistently. This brief video demonstrates how the class monitor tool and behaviour levels feature of Sleuth means that all staff can quickly and easily record detailed observations about behaviour.

Barnhill Community High School

Meeting the demands of the new Ofsted framework, " Ofsted want to see evidence and Sleuth provides the evidence-base for just about any aspect of behaviour – both the positive and the negative. You can produce whatever kind of report you need to answer any question about behaviour that is going to be asked of you."

Holte School

A inner-city school in a very deprived area that is now seen as beacon of good practice in behaviour management locally and nationally. Twice rated outstanding for behaviour by Ofsted.

Westwood Girls School

"Striking examples of improvement for individuals". This is how Ofsted reported their findings on behaviour during a monitoring visit to this Croydon school. The school used Sleuth to evidence the improvement being made in behaviour and drew praise from inspectors for their "forensic analysis of behaviour referrals"

Norlington School for Boys

The Ofsted guidance tells inspectors to ask for evidence that you know the impact and effectiveness of your removal/standby/on-call system. This case study describes how Norlington School for Boys use Sleuth to monitor their Standby system and ensure that it has a positive impact on learning

What Goes In Must Come Out - Example Sleuth Reports

Sleuth provides the most comprehensive tools of any behaviour tracking system with over 50 different search criteria for analysing behaviour and over 60 different options for collating results plus a range of ways to present the results (including graphs, charts, text, tables or exported to Excel)

How Middle Leaders Improve Behaviour

Successful schools are able to drive up standards by developing and implementing effective school policies. Middle Leaders are crucial to this process, providing the link between the SLT and teachers and the link between policy and practice. This paper explores the role of Sleuth in supporting Middle Leaders.

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On Demand Behaviour Data
"Ofsted wanted to know more about a new Year 8 learning support unit and see evidence of its impact, which I then had to produce at a moment's notice. However, I was able to use Sleuth to generate reports that showed the week-by-week incidence of low-level disruption. It was quite a dramatic way to present the outcome, because Sleuth very clearly showed that the number of incidents had reduced once our intervention was in place. "
Asst Head - Hillingdon Secondary
If only ..
"If we'd had Sleuth when Ofsted were in recently we could have easily demonstrated that the systems that we have put into place are beginning to have a positive impact"
Head - Oxford Primary
Outstanding. Twice.
"We were rated outstanding for behaviour and Sleuth most definitely contributed to that. We can feed into the SEF how we are positively using Sleuth to improve behaviour and we can evidence it and I have done so in two successive inspections"
Deputy Head - Birmingham Secondary