Sleuth for External Support Agencies

Using Sleuth to track behaviour provides each and every member of staff with the information they need to fulfill the pastoral responsibilities of their role. The ability to record in detail allows you to analyse and report in detail which provides an opportunity to understand the underlying causes of behaviour and focus on finding solutions.

Whatever your role in school you can use Sleuth to search for and interrogate recorded data then use the results to develop strategies for intervention. Using Sleuth regularly throughout the school day lets you stay on top of behaviour and communicates progress and concerns to colleagues that will support them in their roles.

Some MySearch/MyReport suggestions that would be useful for External Support Agency staff appear below. A MySearch and MyReport can be run from your Sleuth Home Page in a single step (e.g. a click of the mouse).

Example MySearch for External Support Agencies

  • My Outstanding Referrals - shows all outstanding issues requiring attention. Clicking this search will allow you to follow up each referral, for example by adding an action of your own
  • All Bullying Incidents This Term - for anti-bulling officer, showing detail for all incidents including behaviours in the Bullying behaviour group
  • Incidents for Students Referred to Behaviour Support Team - student referred to BEST team can be grouped and tracked independently so BEST team caseload can be easily managed

Example MyReports for External Support Agencies

  • Single Student Detailed Listing Report - For Governors, all incidents in order to prepare for an exclusion tribunal
  • Single Student Detailed Listing Report - For Educational Psychology Service, report with evidence to support statementing process
  • Profile of Negative Behaviour by Type - For Governors, a Headteacher's report to governors on Behaviour
  • Bullying Incidents by Ethnicity - For AntiBullying Coordinator

MySearch - Using Sleuth you can search for just the behaviour data you are interested in by selecting any of the detailed incident search criteria (e.g. for a particular year group, student gender, behaviour type, date or period). When you run a search Sleuth display the list of incidents/students that meet your criteria so you can view/update each individually. A search that you may want to run frequently can be saved, this is called a MySearch. Once saved it can be run from your Sleuth Home Page in a single step (e.g. click of the mouse).

MyReport - A MyReport in Sleuth is a report where you define the search criteria, how to order/breakdown the results (e.g. by year group, subject, date) and also the style of presentation to use to display the results of the search, (e.g. text, bar chart, line graph).

Maximising Ed Psych Input
"The benefits of Sleuth extend beyond the immediate school community. Where the Educational Psychology team offer support to individual students they too can benefit from the evidence base in Sleuth. Their interventions can be informed by the clear analysis the system is capable of producing"
Deputy Headteacher - Northants Secondary
Consistent Data for Support Staff
"Our whole Pastoral/Inclusion Team use Sleuth along with our Learning Mentors, Social Worker, Community Police Officer, Educational Psychologist, SENCO and our LSU .. Sleuth plays a crucial role in identifying students who need support, allowing us to identify what support we have used so far and what other options are still available"
Deputy Headteacher - Birmingham Secondary
Informing Governors
"Our governor with responsibility for behaviour spends one afternoon a month with the Behaviour Support Coordinator examining the behaviour profiles from Sleuth. This forms the basis for ongoing feedback to Governors in addition to an annual report on behaviour"
Behaviour Coordinator - Beds Secondary