Sleuth for Teaching Staff

Using Sleuth to track behaviour provides each and every member of staff with the information they need to fulfill the pastoral responsibilities of their role. The ability to record in detail allows you to analyse and report in detail which provides an opportunity to understand the underlying causes of behaviour and focus on finding solutions.

Whatever your role in school you can use Sleuth to search for and interrogate recorded data then use the results to develop strategies for intervention. Using Sleuth regularly throughout the school day lets you stay on top of behaviour and communicates progress and concerns to colleagues that will support them in their roles.

Some MySearch/MyReport suggestions that would be useful for teaching staff appear below. A MySearch and MyReport can be run from your Sleuth Home Page in a single step (e.g. a click of the mouse).

Example MySearch for Teaching Staff

  • My Outstanding Referrals - shows all outstanding issues requiring attention. Clicking this search will allow you to follow up each referral, for example by adding an action of your own
  • My Referred Incidents - Outstanding - shows the progress of incidents that you have referred to colleagues
  • My Referred Incidents - Concluded - shows the progress of incidents that you have referred to colleagues
  • All Incidents today for Year 7 - Prior to teaching a year 7 class this report shows you the names (including behaviour and actions) of all students who have already been involved in incidents today.

Example MyReports for Teaching Staff

  • Incidents for Year 7 English Group by Behaviour - shows all incidents in my English Year 7 group broken down by behaviour
  • My Negative Incidents by Student - a report showing incident count per student for negative incidents reported by me
  • My Positive Incidents by Student - a report showing incident count per student for merits awarded by me
  • My Neg Incidents by Period This Year - a report showing incidents by lesson period - useful to compare my class behaviour with rest of faculty and whole school
  • Profile of Behaviour for Neil Smart - showing behaviour breakdown for a single student for individual curriculum planning

MySearch - Using Sleuth you can search for just the behaviour data you are interested in by selecting any of the detailed incident search criteria (e.g. for a particular year group, student gender, behaviour type, date or period). When you run a search Sleuth display the list of incidents/students that meet your criteria so you can view/update each individually. A search that you may want to run frequently can be saved, this is called a MySearch. Once saved it can be run from your Sleuth Home Page in a single step (e.g. click of the mouse).

MyReport - A MyReport in Sleuth is a report where you define the search criteria, how to order/breakdown the results (e.g. by year group, subject, date) and also the style of presentation to use to display the results of the search, (e.g. text, bar chart, line graph).

Personal Curriculum
"Using sleuth we may spot a student struggling in certain area and based on this information we are able to come up with a much more individual curriculum based on student needs. Once we have made modifications to the curriculum for an individual we can then clearly demonstrate that an appropriate curriculum has a positive impact on the way they behave."
Deputy Headteacher - Lincs Secondary
Collective Responsibility
"Sleuth has allowed us to develop an approach based on collective responsibility. The onus is on classroom teachers to take responsibility for behaviour but at the same time teachers know they can expect support based on information that they themselves have gathered"
Deputy Headteacher - Wiltshire Secondary
Meet & Greet
"Using Sleuth we have profiled in-class behaviour, analysing by the time the incident occurred during the lesson. We discovered a high incident count at the beginning of lessons. Consequently we have introduced a Meet and Greet policy where all staff greet students as they come into a classroom and there is an activity waiting on their desk to start the lesson"
Deputy Headteacher - Swindon Secondary