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White Paper - Reviewing Your Behaviour Policy

"A good school behaviour policy, agreed and communicated to all staff, governors, pupils, parents and carers, consistently applied, is the basis of an effective approach to managing behaviour"

Few school leaders would disagree with this statement. The management of behaviour will undoubtedly be more effective if everyone in the school community signs up to the behaviour policy and everyone does what it says.

The question is, how do you achieve this in practice?

This white paper explores this statement from the Education Committee's report on Behaviour & Discipline in Schools and describes how to ensure that a behaviour policy is consistently applied in practice.

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The behaviour policy defines the expectations for behaviour in school. If all staff are consistent in their approach to managing behaviour then the majority of pupils will meet or exceed the behaviour expected of them which significantly reduces the risk of disruption to teaching and learning. For most schools, this alone makes the search for consistency worth striving for.

An established and proven method for schools to achieve and maintain a consistent approach to managing behaviour is through behaviour tracking. Behaviour tracking involves recording and then analysing observations about behaviour to show what behaviour is happening in school and what staff are doing about it.

The most popular tool for tracking behaviour in UK schools is Sleuth. Sleuth provides an objective method for recording behaviour data that is entirely consistent with the school’s own behaviour policy. Detailed analysis of the recorded behaviour data in Sleuth then shows leaders exactly how staff are applying policy.


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Linking Policy & Practice
"One area that has really benefitted from Sleuth has been the school behaviour policy. We have a 10 step behaviour Management plan in the school. This had not always been consistently applied. Sleuth has provided us with a useful means to link policy and practice by consistently recording staff responses to behavioural issues"
Headteacher - Lancashire Primary
Commentary on Behaviour
"Tracking behaviour reveals what is happening in school and what staff are doing about it, it is a commentary on how effective a school’s behaviour policy is"