Sleuth VLE support

Sleuth has the technology to support all Virtual Learning Environments VLE's and other custom programs and parent portals that schools may buy or develop themselves. We have developed a Sleuth Application Programming Interface (API) which allows interoperability and the ability to display Sleuth data directly in other products. We are working with the major VLE's to get Sleuth behaviour data to integrate into their software so you don't need to login to a separate system or go to a different program or webpage to get the data you need.

We have already integrated with Frog and Insight from Tasc and have a solution for Sims Learning Gateway (SLG) on Sharepoint. We also plan to integrate with Bromcom's MyChildAtSchool.com parent portal and Fronter. If you have any questions or to be kept up to date on the latest updates on these projects please fill in our Contact Us form.

Sleuth Application Programming Interface (API)

You can now integrate your Sleuth data into another system by making simple calls to our Sleuth API via a SOAP webservice and get all the data you need programmatically. With a few lines of code you can make a call to the Sleuth servers and receive your Sleuth data back as an XML document which you can then transform into a HTML document or go on to process further. You portal will make a request via standard SSL HTTP web ports that should already be open so no need to contact your internet provider to try and unblock new ports. The request goes to our servers where it is authenticated and then the correct data is returned back to the application.

The API supports all the reports you can currently run in Sleuth including summary and detailed behaviour reports, incident count, student count and action count reports. You can even create links from inside your portal that will take you directly to a specific Sleuth incident. You can use the report parameters to further tailor the data you wish to see in your application for example restricting by incident date from and to.

Security is still a major factor in anything we develop and the API is fully secured using an industry standard SSL encrypted connection and the same username and password authentication and checks that happen when you log into Sleuth currently.

The API supports parents and staff and automatically controls the data that they can see so that only the correct student's data will be shown to a parent. We use the staff and parent identifiers from your school Management Information System (MIS) so it is easy to have a consistent way of referring to particular staff or parent. Staff, parent and student data are read from your MIS via an import mechanism called the Sleuth importer so there is no need to key any data into Sleuth to get this working.

If you are an existing customer of Sleuth and want to use the Sleuth API then please register for details on our Contact Us form.

A More Dynamic Use of Data
"I'd worked with Sleuth in a previous school and knew that Sleuth offered a more dynamic use of the data than SIMS. Behaviour was a strategic issue in the College and Sleuth provided a tried and tested framework around which we could structure our revised Behaviour for Learning policy."
Deputy Headteacher - Cornwall Secondary