Session A - Sleuth Advisory Training

A planning and policy review session to lay the foundations for the implementation of Sleuth. At the end of the session key staff in school will be able to complete the setup of Sleuth.

This is a really important step in your Sleuth implementation. We have been involved in hundreds of Sleuth implementations in every educational setting and with a variety of behaviour policies. We have learnt a great deal from those experiences and this is our chance to share it with you. All the benefits of behaviour tracking start here.

See Training Costs for programmes featuring Session A.


# Task Time Personnel What’s Covered
A.1 Behaviour Policy Review 1.5 hours Key Users

This session aims to define what behaviours are going to be tracked in Sleuth, when and by whom. We will review your existing behaviour policy and discuss the school’s plans and desired outcomes of the the Sleuth implementation.

We will make recommendations for adapting Sleuth to fit your policy (and/or vice-versa) so that Sleuth will meet each of your outcomes and each of the criteria for success in your behaviour policy.

Before our visit we will require you to send us copies of your behaviour policy and staff handbook in order that we can plan ahead and clarify any issues in advance of the session.

A.2 Key-User Training 2.5 hours Key Users
(Up to 8 staff)

A session focussing on setting up and configuring Sleuth according to your own school behaviour policy and school environment. Staff attending should have good IT skills and be familiar with using the internet. The session covers:

  • The Admin Menu and Admin Tables
  • Introduction to the Sleuth Importer
  • Setting Up Policy: Behaviours, Sanctions and Rewards
  • Using Behaviour and Action Groups
  • Creating Document/Letter/Email Templates
  • User Management, Permissions and Defaults
  • Setup to manage Referrals, your Reward System, Detentions
  • Personalising Sleuth - Sharing Searches and Reports
  • Entering Incidents
  • Introduction to Data Analysis - Searching and Reporting, Batch Reporting

Following this session key users will be able to setup, manage and start using Sleuth. They will be able to plan the implementation and deliver basic training to colleagues.