Sleuth Launch Programme

This is a programme of advisory and training planned for schools launching Sleuth. Some of the programme is time spent in preparation off-site and some is on-site. At the end of this programme the Sleuth key users will be able to start using Sleuth and can roll-out training to staff colleagues.

Note that this Launch session requires some time from key staff before we arrive on-site. This will typically be the Sleuth Lead (the member of staff responsible for implementing Sleuth) who will be able to discuss the school's behaviour policy in detail and the key outcomes required from using Sleuth.

Note that the times below are approximate and are just a guide. In the advisory part of the programme (A.1) we will develop and document a more detailed project plan and training schedule for the first phase of the Sleuth project.


# Task Typical
Time Reqd
What’s Covered
A.1 Advisory &
Project Planning &
Behaviour Policy Review
Up to
2 hours
Sleuth Lead

Using our experience from hundreds of successful Sleuth projects we will advise you on planning your own successful project and document an agreed project plan detailing your objectives at the launch of Sleuth and beyond.

This is conducted remotely via phone and email prior to the on-site session to discuss and document the key objectives for the Sleuth implementation and a timeline for meeting each one.

Using copies of your existing behaviour referral forms/slips, behaviour policy, SIP and other relevant information we will plan how to adapt Sleuth to suit your school and policies.

At this stage we can provide a training plan for the launch and also plan any further input from us as required, e.g. further advisory, training or a combination of the two.

A.2 Sleuth Key-User
Staff Training
& Sleuth Setup
Up to
4 hours
(on-site and
Key Users
(Up to 8 staff)

To maximise our on-site time, some set-up and configuring of Sleuth will be done by us off-site. The remainder will be completed via remote and on-site training as appropriate.

  • The Sleuth Importer
  • The Admin Menu: Adapting Sleuth to School Setting
  • The Admin Menu: Adapting Sleuth to Policy
  • User Management, Permissions and Defaults
  • Sharing Reports
  • Time permitting, further training modules may include: Setup to Manage Referrals, Manage the Reward System, Manage Detentions
B.1 Sleuth Key-User
Staff Training
Up to
3 hours
Key Users
(Up to 8 staff)
An extended hands-on session for Sleuth key users who will responsible for rolling out training to colleagues, covering:
  • Personalising Sleuth to user roles
  • Entering incidents
  • Data analysis - Introduction to Searching & Reporting
  • Time permitting, further training modules may include: Managing Referrals, Managing Rewards, Managing Detentions
This includes hands-on exercises requiring a computer per staff member. The session may involve using the school’s own Sleuth database that has been adapted (in A.2) and/or a Sleuth training database. Any data entered during training can be deleted prior to going live.