Session B - Sleuth User Training

This session usually takes place just prior to going live with Sleuth. Staff can be trained in small groups using hands-on exercises. Each group can focus on specific areas of Sleuth according to their role, e.g. data entry, reporting, managing referrals. It can include a presentation of Sleuth to all staff to introduce behaviour tracking as a whole school strategy for behaviour.

This training is most effective when a key-user group in school have set-up Sleuth according to the school’s own behaviour policy, using language familiar to staff with the school’s own staff, pupil and timetable details setup. Staff are then able to login and learn using their own data, setting their live user profile in readiness for going live. Any incidents created during the training can be deleted at the end of the session.

In larger schools where this is a full-day session we can run back-to-back hands-on training (see B.2 below) so that all staff receive training. We are also happy to support a school’s own key-users in delivering this training to their colleagues.

See Training Costs for programmes featuring Session B.


# Task Time Personnel What’s Covered
B.1 Staff Presentation Up to
1.0 hour
All Staff This presentation introduces the role of behaviour tracking in whole school improvement using evidence and practical examples taken from hundreds of schools:
  • Why tracking behaviour is crucial to school improvement
  • How to successfully track behaviour in schools
  • The outcomes of tracking behaviour
  • Practical uses for behaviour tracking data
The presentation can be done as a twilight session, delivered to the whole school or to the Leadership Team and key users.
B.2 Introductory Staff
Up to
1.5 hours
Up to 15 staff per session A session for all staff for data entry and basic data analysis and reporting. Multiple sessions can be run one after the other to train larger numbers of staff. Includes:
  • Personalising Sleuth
  • Entering Incidents
  • Basic Data Analysis - Searching & Reporting
  • Creating MySearches and MyReports for day-to-day behaviour management
This are hands-on exercises requiring a computer per staff member. The session can be run using the school’s own Sleuth database (either the live database or a copy of it) or a training database. It is most effective when using the school’s own database that has already been setup with staff, student, policy and timetable data. Each member of staff will log on with their own account details.
B.3 Leadership Team
Up to
1.5 hours
Up to 15 staff per session A session focussing on using Sleuth strategically to manage referrals, monitor strategies and evaluate policy. Includes:
  • Personalising Sleuth
  • Data Analysis & Monitoring Outcomes
  • Communicating with Colleagues
  • Managing Referral Caseload
  • Engaging Parents
These are hands-on exercises requiring a computer per staff member.