School Agreement to Upgrade to Sleuth Online

Before upgrading and going live with Sleuth Online we will confirm with you a date for your upgrade. To proceed with the upgrade we will send an acceptance email described below, an authorised member of staff at the schools is required to reply to this email for us to proceed:

Acceptance Agreement Email

Before upgrading to Sleuth Online, an authorised member of staff at the schools is required to confirm acceptance of the following:


You have used your test migration database to ensure that you are satisfied with the data, functionality and access to Sleuth Online. You are confirming that all the features you require are present in the new release and your data has migrated successfully.


Each of your existing PC licences is converted to a concurrent staff user licence in Sleuth Online. If you currently have a 10+ licence for Sleuth (often referred to as a multi-user or site licence) then all your staff will be able to login to Sleuth Online concurrently. If your existing licence is for a fixed number of users then, although all staff can login to Sleuth Online, only the licenced number of users will be able to login at the same time.


Passwords: Initially set to your existing Sleuth password. You must change this when you first login to Sleuth Online. Thereafter we recommend you change passwords every 90 days.
Memorable Words: all staff have a memorable word (minimum 6 characters) that we recommend you change every 90 days.
Timeout: If a user leaves their Sleuth Online session inactive for 20 minutes it will be timed out and the user will have to login again. Any data not saved is lost.

Browser Software

Sleuth Online will work with most browsers but not all features are supported by all browsers and all versions. We recommend FireFox (version 2 and above) and Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 7 and above). Your browser must allow cookies and pop-ups for the Sleuth Online website.

Sleuth Importer

If your school has not already purchased the Sleuth Importer tool we recommend you do so before upgrading to Sleuth Online. If you have the Sleuth Importer it must be upgraded in order to use Sleuth Online. There is no file transfer method for a bulk update of student and staff details in Sleuth Online, if you do not use the Sleuth Importer then all student details must be updated manually.

Training Recommendations

Before going live we recommend key users are trained in the use of Sleuth Online. Staff should be able to:

  • Add/edit an Incident
  • Follow-up an Action
  • Search for Incidents
  • Run a Report
  • Create and save a MySearch
  • Create and save a MyReport
  • Sign-off

By replying to this email I confirm that we are happy with the above and would like to go ahead with the upgrade.