How to integrate Sleuth data into your VLE

Sleuth allows the data you enter to be made available for almost any other computer system to request it automatically. This allows your behaviour data to be displayed alongside other school data wherever it is needed. We have worked with selected partners to make this process incredibly easy and normally only requires the configuration of a username and password. Once you have requested and received your Sleuth integration username and password please read the relevant section below for instruction on how to configure you VLE.

Please note that by entering the Integration username and password into your VLE you are agreeing to our third party data agreement.

Frog Integration

Please login to your Frog system with Admin rights and from the menu system click
Frog Toolkit -> Admin -> Account Configuration -> MIS Import
You should see a configuration box like this:

TASC Insight Integration

Please contact Tasc Support directly for information on how to configure Insight to integrate with Sleuth.

If you have issues or questions please email sleuth@schoolsoftwarecompany.com.