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Preparing Sleuth for the new academic year
News ImageMySleuth: Pupil Login & Shop
Engage pupils, encourage responsibility for progress in behaviour and learning
News ImageEmpowering Pupils to Improve
How one special school are using Sleuth to systematically improve behaviour
News ImageProactive Behaviour Management
A special school in the north-west take a proactive approach to improving behaviour
News ImageMotivating and Rewarding
Positive feedback from parents about pupil rewards motivates staff and improves learning
News ImageImproving Attitudes to Learning
More positive behaviour, less low-level disruption, and evidence on demand for OFSTED

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Make Better Decisions
Raise Achievement
Manage SEAL Programme
Improve Communication
Promote Good Behaviour
Supports Staff CPD
Sleuth - Meaningful Data for Behaviour Improvement
"It is immediately obvious that access to behaviour data is far easier in Sleuth than it is in SIMS. However, improving behaviour management is not just about having access to data, it is about having access to meaningful data. Sleuth gives us just that"
Deputy Headteacher - York Secondary
Sleuth - Central to Behaviour Management
"Everything we do has a link back to the behaviour data in Sleuth. Whether it’s a meeting with parents, a round-table discussion amongst staff about a student or a whole class, Sleuth will feed in to it in someway"
Deputy Headteacher - Birmingham Secondary