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At the beginning of a new academic year there are a few simple tasks to be completed in Sleuth before staff start recording new events.   For those schools using the Sleuth Importer tool, many of the key tasks are done automatically, such as adding new staff  and students, promoting existing students and creating timetables teaching groups.   The tasks are described here and should be undertaken by a Sleuth admin user:  


Sleuth Back to School Checklist - A checklist of tasks to make it easy for you to start the new year with the minimum of effort


If you are a Sleuth Admin user and need some guidance, by all means contact our support team.  However, if the answer to your query is already described on these pages, please don't be offended if we refer you back to the support pages and documentation rather than read it out to you over the phone. If you cannot find what you are looking for, email us and we can direct you to the relevant information.  The Support team deal with emails as a priority over telephone calls. 


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